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Teligent provides BT with SDIN upgrade to voice platform

Teligent, a supplier of speech support items to Tier1 network providers within the Uk, introduced the way to obtain Program Submission Interworking Community (SDIN) power to English Telecommunications’ (BT) uk-wide Registered Information Delivery Gear (TRIP) program. The machine is among Europe’s Teligent that will be area of the Telecom Team phone firing systems and also supplies biggest innetwork.

The speech platform utilized by BT is just a customised edition of the P90/e-value added solutions system of Teligent. It’ll allow migration of high-volume, quality value calls to systems from heritage and nodes that are improved contain immediate contacts and extra top quality speech codecs to cellular system providers for BT.

Extra programs on Trip contain BT’s Smart Call Administrator (ICM) and Smart System (IN) based IVR programs that take a seat on the surface of the P90/elizabeth structure, that will be used in 40 websites throughout BTis UK community.

The inclusion of SDIN assistance to chosen demographically distributed primary network Trip nodes offers improved routing effectiveness for IP Trade and cellular produced short-duration voting calls, preventing the have to utilize program boundary controllers and transcoders which may usually show up when transcoding from IP to TDM decreasing the price and difficulty of BT’s community.