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Community Post: Why I Fell In Love With Harry Styles


lets just start with his smile.

3. he is actual sunshine

did you know that when he is as happy as he is in this GIF I am as happy as he is? His happiness is contagious.

7. Second he is actually the sexiest person on the entire world. Here is why

this is just W-O-W

Do you know how many girls he has impregnated just because of this glorious gaze

I literally have no words

*licks entire screen*

12. His sexiness is not the only thing I fell in love with

Do you see the way he scrunches his lips and mouth and his forehead so that his vocals will sound great? I am in love. I see passion and passion is beautiful.

This too. The passion is seeping through the computer screen and just oh my goodness

16. The goofiest silliest funniest snowflake

some things we just cant get over

when he was dressed like he could be a wildcat in High School Musical

this is just about the cutest face he has ever made

The fact that he is a professional artist

Oh boy. We’re still a bit traumatized by what followed

he picks Niall’s nose during rehearsal yet still sounds incredible

<a href="http://s3-ec.buzzfed.com/static/2014-01/enhanced/webdr05/2/13

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