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22 Reasons Why Rebel Wilson Is Your Spirit Animal


Super Fun Night/ABCSuper Fun Night/ABC

Super Fun Night/ABC

It’s hard to find a person these days who doesn’t know exactly who Rebel Wilson is. She won our hearts in “Bridesmaids” and we fell in love with her all over again in “Pitch Perfect.”

She is probably the reason “Pitch Perfect” was so successful and why there is soon to be a second installment.

So sing along to everyone’s favorite movie tune while you read why Rebel Wilson is basically the best person on earth.

1. She always knows how to look on the bright side


Things could always be worse and, unlike herpes, they usually don’t last forever.

2. She knows exactly what any female’s favorite part of the day is


Every female knows not wearing a bra is the best feeling in the world. And the second she’s able to unhook it after a long day, there isn’t a happier person in the world.

3. She knows what everyone’s biggest pet peeve in the bedroom is


No one likes to be stared at… NO ONE.

4. She doesn’t give a f*ck about what anybody thinks


If Rebel wants ice cream on her wedding day, you better believe she will be eating ice cream — and no, you can’t have any.

5. She cannot resist freebies


Free food? Free samples? Free anything? Yes, we will take it all.

6.  She tries to be cautious in sticky situations


The keyword here is “try.”

7. She really is just like you and me


Anything you can steal from the Internet should always be taken.

8. She gets uncomfortable using certain vocabulary


You can bet the word “moist” is also not in her repertoire.

9. Her relationships with her friends make people question her sexuality


Shouldn’t all of your closest friendships have people questioning your sexuality?

10. She lies to get out of sticky situations


Her excuses are so comical, you have no choice but to believe her.

11. She can’t stand her exes


We’d actually just prefer a cheesecake.

12. She lies on her résumé just like everybody else in the world


That is actually extremely impressive and you deserve whatever job you’re applying for.

13. She embraces her appearance


She is so socially aware, it hurts. More people should learn not to be so insecure.

14. As funny as she is, she gets deep too


Real. Talk.

15. She isn’t afraid to expose uneasy situations


She doesn’t hide from them, rather she openly acknowledges them.

16. She loves “Law And Order”


Great Stabler impersonation, A+!

17. She basically invented “Bye Felicia”


We know and yet we don’t really care whatsoever.

18. Her insults are unlike any other


What can you even say back to that? Nothing, that’s what.

19. She has strict regulations if she does choose to exercise


Wow… she sounds just like me — and every other female I know.

20. And gets quite innovative while doing it


Running while lying down? Absolutely genius.

21. She isn’t afraid to call it like she sees it


She isn’t afraid of offending anyone, actually she quite prefers it that way.

22. She works with what she’s got


She is aware of her shortcomings, but knows that she has a ton of other great attributes to work with.

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